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17 Dec 2009

This morning I cried, this afternoon I will do something

This morning I was talking to my son about the George Marshall climate change event I went to In Manchester last night. My 12 year old son said, "They say that the world may be uninhabitable in the next 50 years and that's in my lifetime." He is old enough to understand this fear and uncertainly over the future. Its something I've thought for a while but George Marshall underlined it last night, the future will be changed but maybe in amongst the really tough things might grow good things, things like renewed communities, no carbon emitting activities like swinging from trees or reading a book in the park. So why am I still crying? I think it brought it home to me. I know some of the science, I know the world is overpopulated and that we probably need a decline in numbers to make things better but this is actually personal. Nobody wants to see those around them ill, worried or displaced, a killer virus or a massive flood might be just what humankind needs but you would fight it when it came to your door. All this is at the door of millions of people already. They see the land they once used polluted by sea water, they build their housing higher on stilts, they starve and just as I would or will they fight to do the best for their loved ones. This is apocalyptic now for so many people. It is the end of their world.
I got an e mail from It asked me to phone Gordon Brown to say that I am unhappy about the way things are going in Copenhagen and want to see change. I thought, a phone call, I might be shy, what if it turned out really to be him "Ormmm, Hello." he'd say and I might get tongue tied and stutter or something

I will ring up and maybe I'll just tell them what my son said this morning, maybe they'll see how sad that is and how it made me cry. When my son gets home I'll try and talk to him about the good things he thinks the future might bring. Maybe it will all be all right.

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  1. It wasn't that scarey
    The phone number on the 350 website just takes you through to Gordon Brown's climate change answer machine. It felt pretty good to do, the script helped to get me started and then I added a personal message. 1 good deed done just another million and one left to do.