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Starvation Diet. What is it?

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25 Feb 2010

Our "privaledge" might not just be about geography

I was thinking today after starting to read a book called "Blueprint For Survival" (I love my laugh a minute books me) how the privileges we have in terms of enough food on the table and choice in the shops may be a privilege of our time as well as where we are lucky enough to be born. It is widely acknowledged that this haze of resources we are currently swimming in can't last forever. Whatever you think about the other risks like global warming and societal cracks its common sense that in a closed system like earth there are only so many non renewable or slow renewable things on it. So many experts are now saying that we are living on future generations stuff,oil, natural gases, Iron, water, you name it it is anticipated that the way we are going stocks will be depleted in the very near future. But there is hope to be gleamed from humans nature and history. We don't have fast legs to run, venom to stun, big pointy teeth to tear. What we do have are big brains, skilful hands and the ability to adapt. Should we choose to adapt it could be that, as George Marshal states in his book "Carbon Detox" we come to a life, different, possibly more intensive but in lots of ways more rewarding. Try to remember the last time you took a walk. Before you set off you may have sat in front of the tele/computer/xbox etc etc etc, a bit cold even though the heating was on or you were encamped under a blanket thinking "I can't be bothered going for a walk". But then you did. And in your wonderfully low carbon, un-resource depleting activity maybe you found warmth, joy, fun, mud, sunshine, rain, adventure, reward etc etc etc. Or the last time you went to a party and in getting together only had one set of heating on or maybe just the body heat of other people and bad dancing to keep you warm. This idea that a low carbon, low resource future might not be about giving up explains why the Privilege in the title of this blog is in speech marks, because maybe its not privilege having too much food and a tele in every home, maybe there are also some things we have lost in our clamour to get more, consume more and take part in this process, which the system tells us will make "us" more.
If I consider the food I eat in this respect maybe there is more reward if I make sure that I try to work for it. This could be growing some myself, a real effort for me because I'm not a natural gardener, maybe making a journey on foot or bike to a further away shop. I will have to ponder on this one and any thoughts from you the reader would be gratefully received. Add a comment below.

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